Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Outfit of the days- Feeling Dotty

Hello Kittens!

It had been a busy non-stop weekend this past weekend for me and my husband Tim. Not only was it our two year wedding anniversary weekend but it was also Mardi Gras weekend as well.

We kick started the annivesary weekend by going to the Tech Museum in San Jose to see the Star Wars exhibit with a group of friends. It was cool to get to see the actual models that were in the movies as well as the actual costumes and props. I was expecting there to be lots of hands-on exhibits seeing that it was the Tech Museum after all but all the hands on stuff seemed to either be broken or they took too much concentration and patience to do. We were kind of pressed for time so I just didn't have it in me to read the instructions for the hands on stuff ;p

With Jawa!


Han and Boba

Tim with the hands on interactive stuff


Destroyer Droid


The fun did not stop at the Museum. Later that evening we went to our first ever Mardi Gras party! I can now say I'm a big fan of Mardi Gras! ;) This party consisted of lots of good food, good company, good drinks and more good food: hurricanes, jambalaya, fried chicken, red beans and rice, stuffed bell peppers, dirty rice, king cake, all finished off with freshly made beignets. All I have to say is I ate to my heart's content and also that my friend Valencia's mom is the best for putting together this party and Valencia and her mom are awesome for making all this good food! Mardi Gras? Yes please!

Outfit of the day (Saturday):

For this fun filled day I picked a dress that is both stylish and comfortable, my Stop Staring Samantha dress which I got from JBR Clothing a while back. I love this dress because it is a retro style circle dress with 3/4 sleeves, polka dots, and is made of super warm, soft, sweater-type material, making it the perfect warm weather dress! I wore this with a peacock feather in my hair (from Beverly's modified by me) for Mardi Gras, turquoise tights, and Blowfish ankle strap flats.

Stop Staring Samantha Dress- Front View

Stop Staring Samantha Dress- Side View

On Sunday Tim and I had a nice sleep in after all the fun and eating from the Mardi Gras party the night before then went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Le Papillon in Fremont.  The food is always delicious there and the staff always treat you right! We had escargot, I had asparagus cream soup and the chicken cordon bleu, Tim had a salad and their pistachio crusted scallops, then even though we didn't order dessert, they came out with a plate full of samplings of their desserts with happy anniversary written on the plate in raspberry sauce and with a candle on the plate! So we got to end the night on a high note with vanilla ice cream, java chip ice cream, cherry ice cream, cheesecake, and fresh berries. Is there any wonder why this is my favorite restaurant?

Anniversary Soup at Le Papillon

Celebrating our 2nd year anniversary- Le Papillon

Outfit of the day (Sunday):

For this evening I picked a pencil skirted dress (Tim's favorite style) and wore my Hell Bunny Sandy dress which I got from Angry Young and Poor a while back. This polka dot dress buttons in the top front and has a cut out at the top of the bust. It also buttons in the back and has a cut out at the lower back. But because it is the beginning of March and still chilly I wore a black tank top under the dress which covered up the back cut out making it not so drafty and not so risque. I wore this dress with a red flower with red red feather in my hair from Vintage Alley, black back-seamed tights, and T.U.K. Kitty Heels from Journeys which also has polka dots along with a cute kitty face and cute little velvet red bows which the cats wear on their ear.

Hell Bunny Sandy Dress- Front View

Hell Bunny Sandy Dress- Side View

T.U.K. Kitty Heels

It was a weekend full of fun and food and good company and though this wasn't planned this way... full of polka dots!


  1. LLOOOOVVVVVVVEEE the shoes! Especially with the dress.

    1. Thanks Janel! <3 I absolutely love these shoes too... the polka dots and cat faces and red bows just seem to go together so well!!!! :) And I could not resist pairing them with this polka dot dress! ;)