Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Peacock for All Occasions

""So beauti-ful," the priest said. "A tail full of suns," 

...and he crept forward on tiptoe and looked down on the bird's back where the polished gold and green design began. The peacock stood still as if he had just come down from some sun-drenched height to be a vision for them all." Flannery O'Conner, The Displaced Person

I love peacocks. They are so majestic. The way they prance, the way they lift their tails and show off their plumage, their call... “To the melancholy this sound is melancholy and to the hysterical it is hysterical. To me it has always sounded like a cheer for an invisible parade." Flannery O'Conner from her essay The King of the Birds.

With this being Mardi Gras weekend I figured it was a perfect time to blog about my new find, the Peacock Teapot from Edie Rose by Rachel Bilson... yes that Rachel Bilson from the show Hart of Dixie! Who knew that she also designed teaware, dinnerware, and other kitchenware?!

The Peacock Teapot from Edie Rose is in the shape of a peacock. The peacock's head, looking behind him, forms the lid of the teapot. His plumage, first curving up then cascading down, forms the handle as well as the backside of the teapot. Sculptured roses, one in full bloom and another still in its bud, encircle the spout. The spout itself is one of the roses' leaves. A raised relief design is seen throughout the teapot as well as the peacock's colors of turquoise, purple, and green. 

Isn't he lovely?

Peacock Teapot by Edie Rose

Notice how the peacock's expression seems to change depending on the view? Compare the first picture with the last picture...

And so I leave you with one more quote from Miss Flannery O'Conner on the beauty of the peacock..

"The peacock stopped just behind her, his tail--glittering green-gold and blue in the sunlight--lifted just enough so that it would not touch the ground. It flowed out on either side like a floating train and his head on the long blue reed-like neck was drawn back as if his attention were fixed in the distance on something no one else could see...." Flannery O'Conner, The Displaced Person

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!


  1. Your teapot is adorable! I want one (not that I don't have enough teapots at this point). I don't have any with completely matching cups though, so this set is tempting me.

    1. Thanks Holly! You can never have enough teapots!! Lol.... well, not a completely true statement but it's fun to say. ;) Yes, Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond both have the matching cups and saucers for this teapot. The saucers even have cute little peacocks on them. Also, Macy's is always having great sales!!! ;)

  2. I have been desperately looking for this teapot everywhere but it seems to have got discontinued :(

    1. Hi Abhiraj. I'm very sorry to hear that. I tried looking just now in all the places that used to stock it but it appears you are right and that they must have discontinued this teapot. Best advice I could give would be to keep your eye out on ebay or I've also seen this teapot listed as being a Fitz and Floyd teapot as well as a Edie Rose teapot so keep an eye out for either listing. I wish you luck finding your teapot!