Saturday, October 8, 2016

Matching Your Dress to Your Teaware Part 29: Arsenic and Old Lace

"Well, how did the poison get in the wine?"

"Well, we put it in wine because it's less noticeable. When it's in tea, it has a distinct odor." --Arsenic and Old Lace

There's no arsenic in my wine or my tea but I thought conjuring up the image of the classic Halloween film Arsenic and Old Lace would be the perfect start to this edition of Matching Your Dress to Your Teaware.

There is something so romantically gothic about the Senorita pattern by Royal Albert. I love the contrast of the bold intricate black lace pattern against the stark white background. The silver edging and large printed rose adds a beautifully delicate and graceful touch that harmonizes well with the lace.

Footed Cup and Saucer in Senorita by Royal Albert, image source:,

Teapot in Senorita by Royal Albert, image source:,

I found this footed cup and saucer set and teapot on and right away knew this would be the perfecting pairing with Stop Staring's Love dress. Stop Starting's Love dress is a classically structured 1950's style wiggle dress. It has an all over printed pattern of pink with delicate black lace. Like the smooth curvaceous lines of the Senorita footed cup and saucer and teapot, the ruching along the waist, bust, and shoulders of the Love dress makes for a flattering shapely look for any body type. Like the rose in the Senorita pattern, the Love dress features a back cut out and oversized back bow which adds a delicate and graceful touch to go along with this dress.

Stop Staring's Love dress- Front View

Stop Staring's Love dress- Back View

Stop Staring's Love dress- Close Up

Are those bats I see flying in the distance? I can hear a crackle of a small wood burning fire going in the background...

Such a Perfect Pairing for a candle lit tea on a dark stormy October night. 


  1. Love this look on u very pretty for halloween

  2. Wow, this dress is great on you!! I don't remember the last time I saw you wearing a wiggle dress, but this dress was made for you! I've never tried Stop Staring before, but they do make gorgeous dresses.

    1. Thank you Bristol! Before Trashy Diva became my #1 favorite brand I was a huge lover of Stop Staring. They do make some beautiful dresses with great fit and great construction in my opinion. :)

  3. Oh my you look amazing in wiggle dress, gorgeous lady! What a stunning dress on you, loving the teapot as well - such a great match! xo

  4. Endlessly beautiful dress! That colours, design of the lace, fit, length, neckline and everything else are jaw droppingly stunning on you. What an incredible garment - and stunning china pattern to partner it with (that is, hands down, one of my faves from Royal Albert ever!).

    I hope that you're having a terrific month and a very happy Columbus Day, sweet dear.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! <3 And I agree, this pattern from Royal Albert is just so beautiful! They really did a great job with it!

      Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Halloween month! :D

  5. First off, I love this look on you! Second, I have shorts in this pattern that are making their debut on my comedy site later this week ha! Great minds think alike? XO

    1. LOL! I love when that happens! So funny to be on the same wavelength! Thank you Lauren Blair!