Thursday, July 10, 2014

Outfit of the Day: 6th of July

Sunday was the last day of a very nice three day holiday weekend.

Tim and I decided to go out that day and enjoy the sun and play in the water! For the last day of our holiday weekend we went to Crown Memorial State Beach in Alameda and rented some standup paddle boards. I've been dying to try this out! Since Tim already knew how to do this we forewent the lessons and just went for it. Tim didn't think I would fall in the water but I did... three times! But it was a blast anyway and the water, being in the bay and pretty shallow, was pretty warm and pleasant on the warm sunny day. A bit of advice that I got which was absolutely true was keep your head looking in the direction you want to go... if you look down, you are going to go down! Overall, SUPing was great! Once I got the hang of it it was so serene looking out into the horizon with the water and waves around me gently paddling awhile being gently rocked by the waves. It was a very zen feeling. I can't wait to try it again!

Outfit of the Day:

I was so excited to finally get to wear a navy and white pin dot 50's-style romper/swim suit and skirt set I had special made from Etsy seller, Time Machine Vintage. I ordered this as a swim suit which I could take in the water but which came with a matching skirt to be able to easily go from town to beach without having to stop to change. I first saw this style when watching the 1961 Elvis Presley movie, Blue Hawaii. I was mesmerized by the scene where Elvis meets up with his girlfriend Maile Duval, played by Joan Blackman, at the beach. His girlfriend, who is impeccably dressed, simply takes off her detachable skirt and goes for swim! How awesome is that!? I love the idea of being dressed up and going about your day, and then just being able to go for a swim whenever it catches your fancy without even thinking twice about it! After falling in a couple times, at least I know this romper fares well in the surf ;)

Vintage Time Machine Custom Romper and Skirt Set- Front View

Vintage Time Machine Custom Romper and Skirt Set- Side View

Beach Ready! Vintage Time Machine Custom Romper and Skirt Set- Front View

Action Shot! SUPing at Crown Memorial State Beach

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