Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sparkle Time!

Making an old brooch new again or... The Missing Piece

Here is a craft project I recently worked on.

A friend at work gave me this lovely vintage brooch she found which belonged to her mother. She said she found this cat and thought of me <3! It was so sweet of her. Because it's original vintage it was not without a few flaws from being well loved over time. When I first got it it was missing two crystals at the neck. Easy fix. I took a trip to Joann's to look for something I can use to replace the missing pieces. Clumsy me though... :( when I was going through Joann's with my arms full of my new goodies which included supplies for my next craft project (see next blog... Cat Got Your Chain) as well as having this brooch out to be able to quickly compare it to potential candidates for replacement crystals, I agonizingly dropped the brooch which fell hard and I could see pieces from it flying every which way. I thought for sure I had broke it for good! When I picked it up and surveyed the damage I found that only the third crystal fell off which may be kind of fortunate because now when I add crystals they will fully be a matching set, but I also found that the colored piece in the ear filling also fell out. I thought this piece would be much harder to try and replace so Tim and I took some time looking for this missing piece and was lucky to have found it! Anyways, I learned a very valuable lesson... always use the baskets when shopping!

Here are my supplies ready to go.

I used "Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements" crystals which I find to have excellent sparkle and a good variety of colors, tacky glue to affix the crystals and ear filling into place, a toothpick to apply the glue, and tweezers to easily move my pieces around. Glue, set, wait and voila! Like new again. :)

This is an easy-peasy project.

Thank you for looking :)

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